We rank the 50 best Star Wars characters of all-time

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30. Finn

Major Appearances

  • Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Best Moment

Finn bravely led Han Solo and Chewbacca to Starkiller Base where, thanks to the former First Order stormtrooper, they were able to drop the shields, allowing the Resistance X-Wings in, to destroy the planet.

Worst Moment

While he didn’t fire his weapon, Finn was part of a detachment of stormtroopers that slaughtered an entire village.


Finn overcame his training as a First Order stormtrooper in order to change his life, when he saw how the innocent were hurt. He almost decided to flee to the Outer Rim, yet when he found out his new friend Rey was kidnapped by Kylo Ren, Finn bravely led the Resistance to Starkiller base. He also defended Rey in a fight with Kylo Ren, taking a terrible wound to his spine in the process.

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