We rank the 50 best Star Wars characters of all-time

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26. Asaij Ventress

Major Appearances

  • Clone Wars

Best Moment

Her control over the Clone Wars — albeit under the leadership of Dooku and Sidious — was a thorn in the side of the Republic on more than one occasion. You can’t really pinpoint one best moment that she had, as Ventress was all over the place controlling the flow of the war on both the outer rim and closer to home. She was a field general like few others, and was one of the reasons the Separatists stayed in the war as long as they did.

Worst Moment

Ventless’s worst moment isn’t really her fault — it’s on George Lucas. The fact that we never got to see her in the movies is a travesty, as she’s beyond badass status and fits perfectly into the mold of someone fans would have had Darth Maul levels of obsession with. She doesn’t appear as it is, and fans still love her. Rather than having Dooku be the apprentice to Sidious, Ventress would have been so much better.


Here’s another non-film character who fans can’t seem to get enough of. It takes a special kind of character to exist outside of the films but still be considered up there with those who appear in the saga — and Ventress is among those special characters. She was Dooku’s hand in the Clone Wars — something that mildly violated the Sith ways, but without this bending of the rules we wouldn’t have one of the coolest characters to have never actually appeared in the films.

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