We rank the 50 best Star Wars characters of all-time

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21. Ahsoka

Major Appearances

  • Clone Wars
  • Star Wars: Rebels

Best Moment

Ahsoka wasn’t the wisest of all the Jedi but she had the spunk that made her something special. She learned quick, was determined and willing to go above and beyond in her duty. That’s why her general involvement in the Clone Wars was her best moment, as she helped turn the tide on more than one occasion. She was a special Jedi and the wisdom she learned in the Clone Wars from her various battles and escapes later helped her when she ran into the Rebels trying to fight the Empire.

Worst Moment

It’s hard to call caring too much as a worst moment, but that’s something that Ahsoka was guilty of. While she was loyal to the Jedi, she blindly followed Anakin and didn’t see the flaws or the darkness brewing within him. To her credit, neither did any of the most powerful Jedi on the council, but the fact that she was so close to Anakin and so wise in the force, but didn’t see his darkness coming, is not her finest hour.


She wasn’t a film character, but Ahsoka is still a fan favorite from her time on Clone Wars and then Rebels. There is something to love about a character who is powerful, smart and willing to learn for the greater good.

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In many ways, she’s the Jedi Anakin was supposed to be but never was.

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