50 reasons Star Wars is better than Lord of The Rings

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33. Carrie Fisher vs. Orlando Bloom

Who is Carrie Fisher? Actor who played Leia

Who is Orlando Bloom? Actor who played Legolas

Verdict: Like so many other aspects of this debate, this one comes down to just how well-rounded Star Wars manages to be compared to Lord of the Rings.

Legolas’ journey across Middle-earth is rarely so challenging that we actually learn something about the character. He’s just extremely good at what he does and likes doing it. Sure, Gimli annoys him, and there’s some real danger here and there. But none of it demands that Legolas change or reflect all that much. That’s just not the kind of story Lord of the Rings is, and there’s therefore too much room with which to maneuver if you’re Orlando Bloom.

All that being said, Star Wars isn’t exactly Tolstoy either. The lows seem much lower in it compared to LOTR, however. Leia is forced to witness the genocide of her entire people, for instance, and later finds out that her actual father is one of the two or so most even men in the galaxy. Those aren’t easy obstacles to overcome, and Fisher handles those moments with appropriate weight and pain. She gets more opportunities to flash her acting chops than Bloom does, even if it’s relatively limited compared to Ford and Hamill.

Star Wars wins

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