50 reasons Star Wars is better than Lord of The Rings

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50. Luke’s Posse vs. Frodo’s Posse

Who Were Luke’s Posse? A princess, a smuggler, an alien, two droids and a farmer

Who Were Frodo’s Posse? Two warriors, a dwarf, an elf, a wizard and three man-boys

Verdict: Okay, so Frodo has a decent crew. Better than decent even! They’re all some serious veterans of some serious crap. There’s no denying that.

But they’re also kind of a blunt object, right? Like almost to a man (or elf/dwarf) they’re all just about violence. Sure, there’s some cunning and leadership and whatnot. But short of Gandalf, there’s no specialist here. No one especially adept as anything more than hitting stuff.

Luke’s crew, in contrast, has a bit of everything. A bit of diplomacy and cunning in Leia. Some street-smarts and improvising in Han. Technical know-how in R2. Muscle and heavy artillery in Chewie. Morality and swordplay in Luke. That’s the kind of multi-faceted group of do-gooders that can save a galaxy.

Here’s what makes the whole thing difficult: but for a few speed bumps, both posses actually succeed in the end. Both the direct and the nuanced strategy worked. Granted, these were pretty different obstacles that each group took on, but still.

For the sake of good and compelling storytelling, though, it’s Luke’s crew who takes the win.

Star Wars wins

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