50 reasons Star Wars is better than Lord of The Rings

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32. Death Star vs. Sauron’s Eye

What was the Death Star? Symbol of the Empire’s might, super-weapon

What was the Eye of Mordor? Symbol of Sauron’s might, embodiment of Sauron himself

Verdict: This is really a question of the actual practicality of each of these symbols of the respective Big Bads might.

The Death Star is the most potent tool the Empire could possibly have to subvert and/or outright destroy the Rebellion. As such, it works as much as a psychological weapon as a weapon of mass destruction. Heck, we and the Rebel Alliance only saw it firing at full capacity once and that was more than enough to set the tone, so to speak.

As a long-term solution for the pacification of the Rebel Alliance and the rest of the galaxy, it might have been too much of a blunt instrument. But if you need a planet wiped off the galactic map in a jiffy, there’s no better tool.

Sauron’s Eye is a little more subtle. Sure, it’s terrifying, and presumably it sees all. But it doesn’t do a whole lot. It’s more symbol than anything else – the orcs of Sauron’s army even have its image tattooed on their shields as insignia

If the eye could, say, shoot a apocalyptic laser beam, then this might be a tougher contest. Death Star trumps Sauron’s Eye easily.

Star Wars wins

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