50 reasons Star Wars is better than Lord of The Rings

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31. Millennium Falcon vs. Great Eagles

What was the Millenium Falcon? Han Solo’s personal ship, preferred vehicle of Star Wars’ heroes

What were the Great Eagles? Gigantic eagles that belatedly showed up to help Lord of the Rings’ heroes.

Verdict: There’s a few different angles to this one.

If we’re talking style, it’s the Great Eagles. As cool as the Falcon and spaceships in general can be, there’s just something more magical about riding on an enormous bird of prey’s back.

If we’re talking simple reliability, then you could probably do better than the Millenium Falcon. Han Solo’s ship is an ongoing passion project, seemingly taking as much or more time to fix between missions as it does to actually complete said missions. The eagles might only operate on their own schedule, but there’s very little maintenance required.

The Falcon wins it on amenities. It might be a piece of junk, but it’s a cozy piece of junk. Plus there’s that sweet gaming table.

All of these factors fail to take one crucial thing into account: the Millennium Falcon has straight up icon status. You can confuse a Great Eagle for a regular eagle from a distance. There’s no mistaking the Falcon, though. It is burned into the memory of every fan of Star Wars on the planet. It’s gotta win on recognition alone.

Star Wars wins

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