50 reasons Star Wars is better than Lord of The Rings

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25. Coruscant vs. Minas Tirith

What was Coruscant? planet-wide city, capital of the Empire

What was Minas Tirith? largest city in Middle-earth, capital of the men of Gondor

Verdict: This is a little bit of cheating. We’re only dealing with the original trilogies in this debate, and technically the original original Star Wars trilogy included precisely zero scenes set on the Empire’s capitol planet Coruscant. Only in the Special Edition – and later in the prequels – do we get a glimpse of the immense city that stretches across the planet’s surface.

We see plenty of Minas Tirith though. It is a city that lives up to its status as capital of the race of men. Gleaming white and toweringly high, there’s no denying its splendor, especially in the backdrop of an otherwise ravaged Middle-earth.

Architecturally, there’s no denying the aesthetic appeal of Minas Tirith over Coruscant. Instead of being a hodge-podge of whatever gleaming metallic buildings that can fit on the planet’s surface, Minas Tirirth is a shining monument to the race that built it. A testament to man’s greatness and virtue, at least in theory.

In a way, it’s the difference between a city like New York – all function and utility with little room for anything else – and Paris – beautiful in a purposeful sort of way. They are each embodiments of different essential qualities, and it’s almost impossible to say which is the ‘better’ city.


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