50 reasons Star Wars is better than Lord of The Rings

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21. Star Destroyers vs. Fellbeasts

What were Star Destroyers? Starships used by the Empire and among its most iconic weapons

What were Fellbeasts? Dragon-like mounts, atop of which typically ride the Nazgul

Verdict: The very first impression any viewer of the Star Wars trilogy got of the Empire was the intimidating, frame-filling, endless mass of the Star Destroyer pursuing Leia’s ship in A New Hope. As symbolic as stormtroopers and the Death Star might have been, it was a Star Destroyers that set the tone and the aesthetic.

Menacingly sharp-edged and metallic, the Star Destroyer is the Empire. Splitting the difference between the tiny size and vast number of the stormtroopers and enormity and rareness of the Death Star, it is among the most devastatingly effective tools at Palpatine’s disposal.

Sauron relies far less on the fellbeasts, primarily only using them as mounts for his Nazgul as they attempt to hunt down the ring. Like the Star Destroyers, they’re massively powerful and nigh-indestructible. Their presence in the skies above the battlefield gives Sauron’s forces a decisive edge in just about any battle.

In the end, for this metric, they suffer from lack of numbers. Star Destroyers are nearly ubiquitous throughout Empire-controlled space, and can be brought to bear in great numbers whenever needed. An easy win for them this round.

Star Wars wins

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