50 reasons Star Wars is better than Lord of The Rings

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20. Lightsabers vs. Sting

What were Lightsabers? Blades of light constructed and wielded by Jedi and Sith

What was Sting? Small blade that glowed in the presence of orcs.

Verdict: Imagine both the lightsaber and Sting sit on a table in front of you. You’ve got a quest ahead of you, but only enough room on your belt for one. Which do you choose?

You could go with Sting. Particularly if there are going to be some orcs where you’re going, it could be a pretty smart move. Plus, it’s fine Elvish steel. It might be small but it looks like it can cut through just about everything, be it orc or otherwise.

Then there’s the blade made of pure, unstoppable light. It can cut through anything, without exception, and can even deflect blaster bolts and just about anything else your enemies will throw at you. No, it doesn’t tell you when there are orcs about, but considering it would make short work of them anyhow, it doesn’t really matter what or who is around you all that much.

Not to mention the crucial design flaw in Sting: someone with such a relatively puny sword might feel like hiding from those orcs instead of, you know, announcing your position with a soft blue light. Lightsabers at least you the option of whether they glow or not.

Easy choice.

Star Wars wins

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