50 reasons Star Wars is better than Lord of The Rings

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16. TIE Fighters vs. Wargs

What were TIE Fighters? The Empire’s primary space fighter

Who were Wargs? The giant wolf mounts of Sauron’s orc army

Verdict: We don’t see a whole lot of the Wargs in Lord of the Rings and, frankly, we should have seen more. Who doesn’t like the idea of riding giant wolves into war?

Plus, in the books the Wargs are actually intelligent. Like they’re willing participants in Sauron’s evil plot. That’s a level of depth that Lord of the Rings so often has at its disposal, yet rarely ever uses. Doesn’t a small part of you just want a whole movie about Wargs?

But, given what we have, how can we say Wargs are better or worse than the Empire’s iconic bit of machinery? They fight in fundamentally different mediums. One has blaster cannons, the other has teeth. Kind of an apples and oranges situation, this.

Once again, we need to fall back on icon status. One could scribble a drawing of a TIE Fighter on the back of a napkin and most right-thinking people would probably recognize it. Not so with the Wargs. Indeed, most probably wouldn’t recognize them by their name alone. They’d need to be shown a still from the movie, perhaps even reminded of the context in which the orcs first showed up with their wolf bros.

On design recognition alone, TIE Fighters narrowly edge this round.

Star Wars wins

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