50 reasons Star Wars is better than Lord of The Rings

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12. Battle of Endor vs. Battle of Pelennor Fields

What was the Battle of Endor? A Rebel attack on the Empire’s second Death Star, the culminating battle of the original trilogy

Who was the Battle of Pelennor Fields? The combined forces of Sauron attempted to take Minas Tirith, the culminating battle of the original trilogy

Verdict: Both are appropriately epic conclusions to these trilogies, drawing almost all of our main characters and all of our hopes into one tremendous crux of a battle.

They both feature twists and turns where the good guys have the upper hand, then lose it, only to reclaim it again in the end. They also signify the beginning of the end for our respective evil foes.

They both feature what were the heights of special effects in their respective time periods. The second Death Star’s laser blasts were beautiful. The sight of Sauron’s army lined up and ready to charge was overwhelming.

They both feature epic confrontations in throne rooms.

Come to think of it, the only thing separating these two gigantic battles is the presence of a race of tiny, adorable and easily marketable teddy bears. Sorry, Battle of Endor, but you shouldn’t have invited the Ewoks.

Lord of the Rings wins

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