50 reasons Star Wars is better than Lord of The Rings

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1. Lawrence Kasdan vs. Peter Jackson

Who is Lawrence Kasdan? The writer who crafted Lucas’ idea into a legendary movie

Who is Peter Jackson? Writer and director who crafted Tolkien’s works into an award-winning trilogy

Verdict: For those that don’t know, Lawrence Kasdan was the co-writer to the best of all the Star Wars movies, The Empire Strikes Back. He also wrote on Jedi and the upcoming Force Awakens. While George Lucas deserves an immense amount of credit for Star Wars itself, it was Kasdan who perfected Lucas’ vision.

Peter Jackson is more well known. Through his adaptation and direction, a live action Lord of the Rings was brought to the screen successfully for the first time. No, it didn’t have all the detail and scope of Tolkien’s books, but it did make the story palatable to audiences both new and old. Considering the immensity of the source material, that is no mean feat on Jackson’s part.

This is perhaps the toughest of all the rounds so far to decide. Considering both men managed to take all that was great about the original ideas and so effectively distill them down to their respective essences it’s almost begging to be a draw. And it is.