50 reasons Star Wars is better than Lord of The Rings

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46. Ewoks vs. Ents

Who Were the Ewoks? Sentient forest creatures who lived in the trees of Endor

Who Were the Ents? Sentient trees who protected the forests of Middle-earth

Verdict: One of these things were created solely to sell cute toys and appeal to small children, the other are grumpy, talking trees who would make terrible toys and probably scared most children.

They both fought in some pitched and pivotal battles – the Ewoks at the Battle of Endor, the Ents at the Siege of Isengard.

By virtue of their size, the Ents were undoubtedly the most effective. They single-handedly (branchedly?) tore down Saruman’s fortress and thus one-half of Sauron’s famous Two Towers. That’s pretty massive.

The Ewoks killed a few stormtroopers and blew up one or two AT-STs. Without them, however, the Rebels might not have been able to take down the second Death Star’s shield and thus win the Battle of Endor. Their influence was less direct than the Ents but no less important.

Lucas had originally meant for the Ewoks to be Wookies. Had that played out, there’d be no denying who wins this round. As it stands, though, those Wookies became Ewoks and Return of the Jedi got a little bit bad as a result.

It’s a decision that’s going to be decided on some level by cynicism, but the Ents win this one. They’re big and weird looking and surprisingly badass. End of story.

Lord of the Rings wins.

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