50 reasons Star Wars is better than Lord of The Rings

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45. Han Solo vs. Aragorn

Who Was Han Solo? Smuggler, anti-hero

Who Was Aragorn? Warrior, heir to the human throne

Verdict: This should be tough, right? It isn’t.

Han Solo is the archetypal anti-hero, at least in Star Wars. No one’s really sure if he’s a good or bad guy until the Millennium Falcon comes sweeping in to help Luke on his raid of the first Death Star. Even when he’s firmly a Good Guy, there’s a darkness and complexity to Han that has made him the universally-known and loved character he is today.

It’s safe to assume that Han and Aragorn wouldn’t exactly get along. A paragon of virtue, Aragorn rarely strays far from a tried-and-true hero arc. Which is to say, kind of stuffy, preachy and boring. Sure, were it not for him Middle-earth could have likely been lost, but he didn’t really leave much of a strong impression, did he?

Say the name ‘Han Solo’ to anyone on the street and they’ll likely give you a high five and maybe a dollar for your troubles. Say the name ‘Aragorn’ and they’ll likely think you’re either mistaking them for someone else or just outright crazy. That bonafide fact alone makes this an easy decision to make.

Star Wars wins

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