30 Best Star Wars Villains of All-Time

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22. The Grand Inquisitor

The Inquisitor comes from the Star Wars Rebels cartoon. He’s Darth Vader’s minion who kills surviving Jedi or Force-sensitive children who will not serve the Empire. While he does not have the personal development of other characters on this list, he really shines as a perfect villain for the show.

He’s an intimidating fighter with a fresh and cool lightsaber design. On top of that, he’s cold and evil while also being sarcastic and full of personality. Rebels is more of a traditional cartoon, with brighter colors and a little less darker tone. However, the show still holds up, and its main villain is exactly the kind the show needs.

The Inquisitor is also an interesting character in a broader context, because he represents themes that connect Star Wars to real life. In Medieval times an Inquisitor was someone who eliminated heresy and opposition to the teachings of Catholicism. The comparison between the dark side and the old ways of real world religion is a major theme of Star Wars, and this show, which is meant for kids, extends that analogy with this character.

In fact, his entire character is very knight-like in nature. He has a British accent that really sounds like that old English style, and he fights in a way similar to the kind one might associate with dueling knights. Of course, that’s the entire point of the Jedi and Sith, but this character really sells the point.

He has a couple of really cool moments, like when he interrogates the Jedi Jarrus Kanan. On the flip side, he is a bit of a machine for the cliché dark side dialogue. Still, a really good villain is a show made for young audiences is not an easy thing to a get right.

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