30 Best Star Wars Villains of All-Time

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20. Aurra Sing

While she is kind of pointlessly shoehorned into The Phantom Menace, Aurra Sing is among the galaxy’s most interesting bounty hunters. She was a Jedi Padawan who was captured by space pirates. Feeling abandoned by the Jedi, she turned to the dark side and became a bounty hunter.

She has a lightsaber, several guns and a deep hatred for the Jedi. The Legends universe has her fingerprints all over it. She mentored Boba Fett, and worked for both the Confederacy and later the Empire. She really makes a reputation for himself in the Clone Wars cartoon. She is heavily involved in the saga with Cad Bane and Ziro the Hutt, and has a lot of cool moments in that story arc.

The one thing that knocks her down a few pegs is that she is hungry to kill Jedi because of her deep hatred for them, yet loses in humiliating fashion every time she fights one. She also at one point accidentally takes a contract to kill herself (long story).

What separates Sing is her powerful arsenal of weapons and information, as well as her ability to get out of sticky situations and complete missions. She has a long history of pretty cool stuff in the Legends universe. On top of that, her origin story makes her more than just a one-dimensional killer. There’s reason to feel for her.

At a time when the main villains of some action and sci-fi media are pretty lame, a small character like her having a lot of personality is a good change of pace.

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