30 Best Star Wars Villains of All-Time

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19. Droideka

I stand by my conclusion in the list of biggest plot holes: This should be the only unit the Confederacy should ever use. I know we assume they’re more expensive and all that noise, but seriously. These things are incredibly powerful and you know that things are escalating when they roll up.

The shield and the powerful cannons make them a match for two Jedi. The problem is that they never actually kill anything. They show up only a few times in the films, and when they do, either the Jedi run or a spaceship destroys them. I think they look strange and are weaker in the cartoon, but they still are a trump card of the CIS/

The unique design also makes them stand out among a sea of basically identical robots. I don’t know why they thought this rolling design made any sense, given that it makes them vulnerable. The tips on the loading screen of Battlefront II specifically say shoot them when they are rolling. Why not, like, put those shields on super battle droids or something? No wonder the Confederacy lost the war.

Anyway, these droids are the scariest weapon of the CIS, and when they come in, there’s real tension about how the heroes will defeat them. That’s what the prequels and the Clone Wars need.

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