30 Best Star Wars Villains of All-Time

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16. Prince Xizor

Xizor is a crime lord during the time of the Empire. he is in the minority of characters on this list. much like Thrawn, he has no fighting power. In fact, he would probably be a terrible warrior. Instead, wealth and influence are how Xizor makes an impact.

He’s the leader of a crime group called the Black Sun, and he is the most powerful person outside of maybe the Emperor and Darth Vader. He also a master manipulator. For example, he persuades the Emperor to let him give the rebels the plans to the Death Star II. Again, he persuades the Emperor, who could have killed him in two seconds flat, to give up the plans. Why? If the Empire wins, Xizor set the trap. if the Rebels win, he can say it was all because he gave them the plans.

Of course, he eventually accidentally lets slip his plan to kill Luke Skywalker to humiliate Darth Vader, and Vader blows up his ship in response. Star Wars villains tend to pretty stupid sometimes. Don’t forget this.

The cool thing about Xizor is that he is a more recognizable kind of villain. He doesn’t have unknowable mystic powers or futuristic weapons. He has money and great street smarts. Characters like him connect the fantasy sci-fi universe to life because it shows the kinds of evil we recognize in the real world.

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