30 Best Star Wars Villains of All-Time

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15. Jabba the Hutt

Speaking of criminals with wealth and power who would suck at fighting…this guy.

Jabba is an arrogant jackass, which makes him a lot of fun to hate. The fact that somehow, this creature can make so many people do his bidding gives him a very interesting element of mystery. He’s everything we want in a crime lord. He’s ruthless, deceptive, selfish, cocky, and rich.

However, the Clone Wars movie adds a new dimension to him. There is an element of good there. He does care for his son, and actually gives the Jedi due gratitude for his safe return. That kind of situation makes the character a bit more interesting. He may be a bad guy, but he’s not without his soft spots.

There are some dumb things. he goes out in a bit of a lame way, and he also somehow magically appears to catch Leia freeing Han. Also, shoehorning him into Phantom Menace and A New Hope was kind of silly, especially because he looks different.

Anyway, Jabba is a jerk, and jerks with money and power make for fun villains. Especially giant gross alien mobsters.

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