30 Best Star Wars Villains of All-Time

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30. IG-88

While only appearing for a moment in the films, the Legends universe makes the IG-88 assassin droid a really scary character. There’s actually four of these droids, and throughout IG-88B’s cover work as a bounty hunter, the droids are planning a revolution to kill all organic life. Yikes.

IG-88B was a clever droid who tracked Boba Fett in the pursuit of Han Solo. Sadly, he sucks at fighting, and is destroyed by Boba Fett at some point in Cloud City. According to the lore, the other IG-88 two models were destroyed trying to avenge B, leaving only IG-88A, who takes over the computer systems in the freaking Death Star II. He is destroyed when the Death Star is blown up, with a lot of his contributions going unnoticed.

IG-88 just looks scary. He seems haphazardly scrapped together, and his lack of human features makes him even stranger and almost more frightening. That one red eye just says sniper laser to the head.

It’s unfortunate that this massive plot is pushed aside, even in the Legends universe. These robots are really scary and well designed.

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