30 Best Star Wars Villains of All-Time

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12. Stormtroopers

The argument can be made that stormtroopers maybe shouldn’t be this high because, well, they suck at their jobs. The argument can also be made that they should be higher because of their cultural relevance and just how intimidating they are in theory. I settled on a medium and put them here.

One thing I like about the Stormtroopers is that they seem very normal. They make small talk, seem to be unique individuals, and are not unreasonably ruthless and violent. Of course, the prequels kind of ruined the first two things, but people say Stormtroopers aren’t all clones so I’ll just leave it alone.

Point being, the stormtroopers are cool because they look like a strong army for an Empire that rules a freaking galaxy. However, they also very much fit the theme of the original trilogy, because while they are bad, they aren’t dark. They’re just normal soldiers. They fit the films well.

Even though every joke that can be made has been made twelve times over, we do have to mentioned that the stormtroopers also have terrible aim. I mean, they are laughably bad at killing things for most of the movies. It really does get to a point where it’s comical.

That’s a problem that does affect their ranking and the prequels overall, but the stormtroopers are still a very good group of bad guy henchmen. They also have been the inspiration/rip-off material for a lot of other bad armies (looking right at you, peacekeepers from The Hunger Games).

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