30 Best Star Wars Villains of All-Time

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11.  Darth Bane

This is another character that is hard to place. In fact, many people I’ve seen on the internet consider Darth Bane one of the best villains. So…bring me your hate.

It’s easy to understand. He was a bad dude, and he basically created the Sith as it appears in Star Wars lore. He developed the Rule of Two, and his work led the Sith to the victory that made the Star Wars films fit within the universe. That’s a big impact. On top of that, he’s a pretty cool looking villain who was a very powerful fighter.

The thing is: Bane is basically like the Alexander the Great of Star Wars. He did some really notable stuff, but is much more important for his legacy than he is for his actual life. He left behind the structure for the major villain of the Star Wars films and a large portion of the universe. The actual stories of his adventures with his apprentice in real life are not, in my opinion, all that engaging.

He also ends up evil because of his difficult personal life and dies by his own stupidity and arrogance. Just like most other Sith portrayed in the lore. While he’s definitely a really cool character, the best characters on this list just stand out more, both to deeply invested fans and casual fans of the films.

His ghost also tried to convert Yoda to the dark side.That doesn’t affect his ranking. It’s…just a dumb idea.

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