30 Best Star Wars Villains of All-Time

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10. Darth Maul

Darth Maul is the last guy on this list who wins just on badass points. He’s not notably compelling, and he doesn’t stand out that much among a sea of Sith apprentices. But he’s just…so…cool.

The double-sided lightsaber speaks for itself. It is freaking awesome. Maul’s fighting style also sets the tone for the rest of the prequels. He is not only talented with the lightsaber and the Force, but he’s also got ninja-like physicality and a very fast, aggressive fighting style.  Now, one can make the argument that it set a bad tone where the fights were more flash and less personality. That’s fair. Just on fun factor though, it is great.

This is where I make a very contradictory argument.

I think there wasn’t enough personality for Maul. I love his look and his attitude, and I love mystery villains. However, when you leave nothing known about the villain throughout his entire time in the film, it’s hard to get invested in. Maul is cool, but he’s not interesting as a person.

That said, I also personally do not like the fact that he appears in the Clone Wars. I know it’s cool that he’s back for revenge and stuff, but I think his part had been played. There didn’t seem to be any real reason to have him there. Yeah you can introduce Savage and all that, but I think his time had passed. So yeah, I want more Maul and less Maul at the same time. Sue me.

Maul makes it up here just because he’s that much fun to watch and looks scary as heck. That’s good enough for me. Who needs all that complex character development and personality stuff?

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