30 Best Star Wars Villains of All-Time

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7. Darth Plagueis

Plagueis is a really fascinating character just based on his setup in the movie. While only being mentioned for one brief scene, the description of him makes it impossible to not be curious about him. Palpatine says that he was able to cheat death and control those things that don’t actually exist (midichlorians) to create life.

Once we start talking about a Sith with God-like powers, we’re getting into some uncharted settlements here. The mystery that surrounds Palpatine’s master is really, really fascinating. It’s one of few times that the movies directly contribute to a greater universe outside of the films, and it makes this venture with a fantastic scene.

Granted, he also seems to forget that he’s training his apprentice to seek power and then is murdered in his sleep. Well done. Also, while it actually ends up being Sidious, the movie really wants you to think that Plagueis created Anakin and that is why he was a virgin birth.

The point is, Plaugeis’s power and mystery are introduced perfectly in a great scene, and that carries so much weight. He has a broad impact on everything without saying a word or doing a thing. He’s like the fully realize version of Sauron from Lord of the Rings or the Mad King from Game of Thrones. His fear factor and character development are made only by the way in which he is discussed. He’s that scary and that powerful.

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