30 Best Star Wars Villains of All-Time

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29. Greedo

Greedo is a pretty cool customer, even though he only appears for a short time and then dies. His involvement helped construct Tatooine as the rough, lawless place it was intended to be. He walks up to another guy and immediately it is gun to the chest and threats.

Greedo introduced a lot of personality in a short time. He was out to collect the bounty on Han Solo, and he seemed pretty intent on doing less talking with Han and more shooting.

Speaking of shooting, with the recent explanation by George Lucas as to why Greedo shot at Han first in the redone trilogy, I would like to introduce a new postion: I don’t care. I know that Han is supposed to be tough and all, but I also like the idea that a laser just missed his head and he did not even flinch.

Regardless. Greedo was a fun minor character who helped give Han some personality, and he helped developing the setting as well. The idea that he was childhood friends with Anakin Skywalker is silly and should not exist. However, in an effort to try to not let the prequels ruin all the fun, Greedo still makes the list.

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