30 Best Star Wars Villains of All-Time

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26. Dark Ahsoka

I’m fudging a little bit because Ahsoka is a villain for about ten minutes, and against her will. However, those ten minutes are phenomenal. 

Everything about this scene in the Clone Wars is fantastic. It starts with Ashley Eckstein (who in general is great as Ahsoka) really selling the bloodlust and anger in her voice. She also keeps a lot of Ahsoka’s personality in her vocal performance. It very much feels what an evil Ahsoka would be like.

On top of that, the surrounding scene is done really well. The fight between Ahsoka and Anakin is really good, and the lighting effects, especially during the climax when the Son (who turns her evil in an attempt to make Anakin turn evil) appears make it a great scene. It is one of the scenes that separates the Clone Wars from other cartoons. There’s clearly a deep understanding of the visual medium, and it shows in the drama of the scene.

For all its brilliance, the scene does have kind of a lame ending where Ahsoka is brought back to life with total amnesia about being evil. it’s a minor complaint about what otherwise puts a strong character in a great scene.

Ahsoka stands out though, because it is hard to see the young and eager heroin be forced into evil, even for a short time. The hard moral line of good or evil leads to a lot of broken bonds in the Star Wars universe, and this is one of the more interesting ones, despite its impermanence.

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