30 Best Star Wars Villains of All-Time

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25. Durge

This guy is just a monster. He is a Gen’Dai, which means he has exceptional healing abilities. This allowed him to work as a bounty hunter for two thousand years.

Over those two thousand years, he became more and more dangerous and mentally unstable. His biggest role in the early 2000s version of the Clone Wars cartoon. He only appears briefly, but he destroys several tanks and nearly kills Obi-Wan in the span of about five minutes. The show makes him a really intimidating character, letting his actions and appearance do the talking.

On top of being a vengeful killer who can almost never be killed, Durge has a lot of equipment. He has wrist shields in the cartoon to go along with a machine gun, jetpack, and flamethrower. Good lord, if he”s around, you’re probably dead. Also, the fact that he makes short work of Mandalorians, who are some of the best fighters in the galaxy, proves exactly what he is capable of.

It would be nice if he had a larger role in the universe given that he’s really cool but is more of a novelty than a key component in any plot. That’s sad, because there was a lot of potential to make him more than a walking weapon. Still, a walking wapon is pretty sweet and makes for a great villain.

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