30 Best Star Wars Villains of All-Time

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23. Jerec

Jerec is another villain from the Legends universe. He was a Jedi archaeologist who turns to the dark side and serves the Empire after Order 66. He’s also blind, which is a cool little Force detail because he does not need his eyes to fight.

Jerec is extremely intelligent and very ambitious, just like most other Sith. His goal was to overtake Darth Vader as the Emperors favorite’, which failed and was stupid because Vader was so much better than he is. He also has an obsession with finding the Force power locked away in the Valley of the Jedi.

The trouble with Jerec is that, like several other Star Wars villains, actually is better in theory than in practice. A young, untrained Kyle Katarn (Luke’s post-Endor sidekick, essentially) defeats Jerec and ends his quest to find the Valley. Not only that, he taunts Katarn about his dead family and tries to kill him when Katarn leaves him alive.

So for all his intelligence and seeming thoughtfulness, Jerec falls into pride and greed the same as all of the dark side’s followers. He’s not very personally interesting, remaining a pretty static character throughout his time in the universe. Still, he’s definitely a unique bad guy who favors knowledge over strength, and he is an example of the true power of the Force and what it means to the universe.

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