The Force Awakens: 10 Mysteries We Hope Will Be Solved

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6. Will we learn what it means to bring balance to the Force?

This has been a debate among Star Wars fans for years: What does it mean to bring balance to the Force? Another popular point of contention, directly related to the one above, is: Who brought balance to the Force, Anakin Skwalker or Luke, his son?

For the first question, many people think Darth Vader brought balance to the Force by killing first the Jedi and then the Sith. Others believe Luke brought balance to the Force by helping the most powerful Force user in the galaxy, his father, turn from the dark side to the light. George Lucas said Anakin was the true Chosen One who brought balance to the Force; but, what he didn’t explain was how.

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This one remains a mystery, not because there isn’t a good solution for it, but because nothing except who the Chosen One is has been confirmed. That’s something The Force Awakens has the opportunity to do, especially when exploring what happened to Luke since the events of Episode VI.

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