Star Wars: The Force Awakens Reviews from Twitter


The Hollywood premiere of Stars Wars: The Force Awakens has just concluded and the critics, press, cast and crew, and the few lucky fans in attendance are reacting on Twitter…

The overwhelming reaction to Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been positive, and the people who were in Hollywood to see the film’s first ever debut, have taken to Twitter to praise both Disney/Lucasfilm and J.J. Abrams. Author and film-writer for the LA Times, Rebecca Keegan, had this to say:

Seems as if the story, characters, design, and humor of Star Wars: The Force Awakens rolled out without a hitch. Keegan also tweeted that The Force Awakens passed the Bechdel Test, which states that in a work of fiction that features at least two women, who talk to each other,  they must talk about something other than a man. That’s high praise for Abrams and the Star Wars franchise, as a whole. Senior Film Reporter for Buzzfeed, Adam B. Vary, had nothing but good things to say:

Again, a member of the press reassures the public that The Force Awakens is all Star Wars…which was a minor concern amongst the most diehard of Star Wars fans who thought Abrams would turn Episode VII into Star Trek 2.0. Filmmaker Brett Morgen (Montage of Heck) probably gave The Force Awakens its best Twitter review:

There seems to be a recurring theme with these reviews: The Force Awakens stays true to the Original Trilogy. Morgen goes on to tweet that The Force Awakens delivers on every level. Super Nerd and television/film star Patton Oswalt gave his glowing endorsement:

He followed that tweet up with this:

Wow, now I am more interested in seeing The Force Awakens on Friday, than I ever have been. I personally hold Patton Oswalt’s opinion in high regard, so the fact that he is quite literally twitterpated with the film, is enough endorsement for me. Finally, we do have a negative response. This one comes courtesy of longtime negative-nancy Devin Faraci who gave a rather backhanded compliment to The Force Awakens, all the while taking a metaphorical dump on J.J. Abrams.

Faraci’s ridicule of The Force Awakens just reeks of desperate fanboy clamoring for one last shot at notoriety. You’ll pardon me if I don’t take the angry little troll’s word on a film that has seen nothing but rave-reviews from some of the industry’s top critics, thus far.

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Ultimately, you should make your own decision on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and that means getting out and seeing the film when it hits theaters worldwide in three days, on December 17 and 18.