Star Wars The Force Awakens: Was there a post-credits scene?


Have you ever sat in a rapidly emptying theater and wondered to yourself: “Does this movie have a post-credits scene?” Well, fear not, because we’ve got the info on whether or not Star Wars: The Force Awakens has an after credits scene.

The short answer is simply, NO. No there is not an after-credit scene. Unlike most new Disney backed films (like the Marvel movies), Star Wars: The Force Awakens will not have an after-credits scene. The topic of an after-credits scene was broached when director J.J. Abrams was on stage for a Star Wars: The Force Awakens press conference held in Los Angeles, two weeks ago. Abrams was asked if fans could expect to see a post-credits scene or any Easter Eggs at the end of The Force Awakens. This is his response:

"“No, there’s not. All the scenes are actually in the movie.”"

You’ve got to appreciate J.J. Abrams’ quick to the point approach here. Why save any secrets for the end of the credits, when you can simply show everything you need too show, in the actual film itself. This also finally puts to rest the rumor that Star Wars: The Force Awakens would herald the intro to Star Wars Rogue One. The rumor held that the after-credits scene would be the first scene of Rogue One, and that way The Force Awakens would act as an actual tentpole film, ushering in the new Star Wars films.

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This is also a definitive answer that we would not see Snoke in the after-credits, like other rumors held. Showing Snoke in the actual film, dealing with General Hux and Kylo Ren — via holo-projector — was a much smarter move on J.J.’s part. So there you have it … no, no there will NOT be a an after-credits scene at the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.