Professional Pastry Chef Builds Six-Tier Star Wars Cake


A professional pastry chef built a six-tiered Star Wars themed cake that over 160 hours to make and build…

Professional pastry chef Mandy “Amax” Maxwell — formerly of Per Se and Eleven Madison Park in New York City — just released the first images and video of her massive six-tier Star Wars cake. Each tier represents an episode of the film, is filled with Star Wars Easter eggs, and contains loads of intricate details that Star Wars fans will recognize and love.

The cake project was supported by New York based mobile startup VidMob — An all new app for iOS that connects consumers with real editors to get professionally edited video from the photos and videos on their smartphone — whose employees ran a Twitch stream this week for fans to “Show How They Star Wars.” Over 65 hours were streamed with Chef Maxwell baking and working on each Star Wars character, with music and art added which was all Star Wars themed.

“As a pastry chef, this is my love letter to Star Wars”

The cake itself took more then 160 hours total to create — over two weeks — and stands two feet tall…about the size of Yoda. The cakes is amazing, and is the perfect homage to a franchise that is getting its first live-action film in 10 years. Now Chef Amax will have to add to this stunning work of art, to include the characters and scenes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens…I wonder if Starkiller planet will fit on the top?

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In case you wanted to watch the entire process of Ched Amax’s assembling her love letter to Star Wars, then click the Twitch link provided. It’s actually a neat look into what it takes to make such a large work of party art.