When will Star Wars The Force Awakens be on Amazon Video?


When will Star Wars The Force Awakens be on Amazon Video? 

Everyone who has seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens so far and enjoyed the film is all wondering the same thing: “When can I watch the movie next?”

It’s a very important question, and I think we have a very good answer for you, as it pertains to Amazon Video!

We don’t know exactly when The Force Awakens will be available for on-demand purchase or rentals through Amazon Video, but based on some of Disney’s other movies and release patterns, we have a pretty good idea.

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Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, for example, was released in theaters on May 1, 2015, and was released on Amazon Video on September 8, 2015. For those math-letes out there, that’s about four months difference.

If The Force Awakens were to follow that release pattern that Disney used for Age of Ultron, The Force Awakens would be available on Amazon Video some time in April 2016, likely around the end of the month.

Of course, that’s just a guess at this point, but it’s all we have.

Unfortunately for Amazon Prime subscribers, there are no special advantages when it comes to watching the Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Prime Video. By that I mean, The Force Awakens won’t be available for free on Prime Video for free. Anyone who wants to watch the film is going to have to rent or buy the film; there’s no way around it.

The reason for that is because Disney has an output deal with Starz, which means that Star Wars will be available on Starz rather than other streaming services or premium channels.