Star Wars: The Force Awakens — Five worst moments


Now that we’ve seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we want to talk about the 10 worst moments from the film…not that there were many. Of course, SPOILERS await…

It is quite the tall-task to find much wrong with a film that has been universally loved and accepted, as well as being a new personal favorite of mine — Star Wars: The Force Awakens. However, there were a few moments, that upon further reflection, could have been done better. Let’s take a look…

10. Teedo and the Luggabeast

This guy and his mount were supposed to be one of the cooler aliens on Jakku. And, upon first meeting him — when Rey rescued BB-8 from his greedy clutches — Teedo seemed to fit the bill. However, the moment his Luggabeast began to walk away, the flaw appeared, and Teedo went from cool to fool. Teedo and the Luggabeast is about three or four guys operating one single and very large puppet…and that’s really neat! But, as the Luggabeast slowly lumbered away, you could see the puppet material fold. That’s not supposed to happen to a beast coated in armor…its skin isn’t supposed to fold like a bedsheet.

9. Not enough First Order officers

While there were First Order officers shown, there just wasn’t enough focus on the inner workings of the First Order, to make me care that they were all obliterated when Starkiller base exploded. For instance, Game of Thrones and Maze Runner star Thomas Brodie-Sangster was an officer but had maybe a fleeting second of screen-time. Hopefully Episode VIII will rectify this.

8. Captain Phasma

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie)

Ph: Elena Dorfman

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Perhaps the biggest letdown, as far as screen-time goes, is Captain Phasma. All the interviews Gwendoline Christie did before The Force Awakens hit the big-screen, all the comments about empowering strong female leads in film, and all the talk about being the first female villain in Star Wars live-action cinematic history, and Phasma ended up as a chromed-out dud. Maybe…just maybe, Phasma escaped the trash-chute and we will see her as some sort of badass bounty hunter in the vein of Boba Fett in Episode VIII…one can hope.

7. First Order Trooper Helmets

Okay, so…the First Order Stormtroopers were supposed to be superior to the Original Trilogy Galactic Empire Stormtroopers in every way. Taken from birth and trained as a warrior, and indoctrinated in the Order’s belief, and with a new sleek look, they were supposed to be better than the bumbling-stumbling idiots of the OT. And…for the most part they did just fine…but that helmet. That helmet ended up being a huge letdown. Finn said it best, they don’t filter out toxic air and poisons. So, I ask you, why even wear them? Han’s heavy blaster nearly blew one in half, as did Chewie’s bowcaster, so the armor is really just an iPhone case you can wear.

6. Threepio’s Red Arm

Told you we were stretching to find the negative. Anyway, for many fans following the filming of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the red arm of C-3PO was something of an enigma. Why did he have it? Where did it come from? Did the gold plating just wear-away like some cheap piece of jewelry? We don’t know! Threepio at least had the decency (because he is a polite droid, afterall) to mention it to Han and Chewie, but didn’t bother explaining the details. Oh well, I guess we have two more films to look for the answers we seek.

5. Not enough Maz

One of my favorite new characters from The Force Awakens, was the new Yoda-like and wise little alien, Maz Kanata. Lupita Nyong’o did a superb job of portraying the wizened little rascal, but there just wasn’t enough of her. Sure, she gave us a little-bit of the whole “I see your eyes” speech, but for all the hullabaloo, we really know very little of her. This is something I sincerely hope Rian Johnson rectifies in Episode VIII. I want to know how she got Luke’s lightsaber. I want to know if she really knows Rey’s history, and if she knew Yoda. Come one, J.J. Abrams, be a bro, and add this to the Blu Ray extended edition.

What were some of your most unfavorable moments from Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Let’s talk about it in the comments section and on our social media accounts!