Star Wars tackles the NFL


I have two loves, sports, and Star Wars. So when I fell upon graphic artist John Raya and his football helmet designed that coincided with the original trilogies I became pumped with excitement…

Unfortunately, Raya made these before the release of the new Star Wars movie The Force Awakens (TFA). Therefore, the characters in TFA will not be assigned. What you will see are the dark side and the light. Yoda, C3PO, Vader, Jabba, Chewbacca, and even the droids from the prequels. Maybe next time around we can see Finn, BB-8, Rey, and Poe. To see all 32 helmets, you can check out Raya’s page here for the AFC and here for the NFC. Here is a look at some of my favorites.

Buffalo Bills (Tatooine, Banthas)

The Bills are Buffaloes, what’s most like a Buffalo? Banthas!

New England Patriots (Coruscant, Jedis)

This is a little more opposite than what I would have considered. The Patriots use and cheat with the best of the dark side, but with the color scheme is is more fitting to be a Jedi.

New York Jets (Yavin, 4 X-Wings)

Jets are jets, and X-Wings are fancier jets.

Oakland Raiders (Coruscant, Raiders)

Vaders are the Raiders. It’s as simple as A, B, C.

Denver Broncos (Hoth, Tauntauns)

Hoth is a frigid planet, and Denver could be in winter. Also, Tauntauns are meant to be ridden, and so are Broncos.

Jacksonville Jaguars (Kashyyyk, Wookies)

The Jags have a very young team, and a lot of rookies, or in this case, Wookies. Plus Kashyyyk is not a bad representation of Florida.

Indianapolis Colts (Mos Eisley, Troopers)

When the Colts are dressed in their all white home uniforms, they come close to a virtual Stormtrooper. Plus this is my favorite team, of course, I’m going to have them in here. Now, only if the Colts can play better than the Stormtroopers shoot…

Washington Redskins (Naboo, Gungans)

Not that all Gungans are bad or as ridiculous as Jar Jar Binks, but for the Washington Redskins it’s perfect. The Redskins have been horrible over the past decade. Only three playoff appearances, and a combined win-loss record of 64-96. Yup, just as bad as the character of Jar Jar.

Arizona Cardinals (Yinchorr Royal, Guards)

The Royal Guards have the striking same color red as the Cardinals (or close proximity), but not only that, Yinchorr is a desert just like Arizona. The planet has a 1% water rate, and where the Royal Guard Academy can be found.

Green Bay Packers (Nal Hutta, Hutts)

Green Bay eats cheese like Hutts eat Klatooine paddy frog’s. Also, the Nal Hutta terrain is very much like Green Bay with humidity and swampy wetlands.

Carolina Panthers (Malastare, Dugs)

Panthers and Dugs don’t have much in common, but the terrain of Malastare does with North Carolina. Malastare is filled with forests, as is North Carolina. This is the home of the Great Smokey and Appalachian mountains.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Tatooine, TuskenRaiders)

Pirates are raiders, and the Buccs are Pirates and very much in comparison to a TuskenRaider.

What did you think of these amazing Star Wars inspired NFL helmets? Let us know in the comments, or let’s talk about it on one of our social media accounts!