Blizzard Artist Creates Ben Solo and Chewbacca Moments Before Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Have you ever wondered if Chewbacca knew that Kylo Ren was Han and Leia’s son, Ben? Did you think Chewbacca missed a clear headshot when Kylo Ren killed Han? Wonder no more…

Lead Character Artist at Blizzard Entertainment —  Tyson Murphy — has created a piece of art that depicts what the relationship between Chewbacca and a young Ben Solo must have been like, before the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I must admit, one of the many nagging questions that have haunted me since my last viewing of The Force Awakens, is: Did Chewbacca know Kylo Ren was Ben Solo?

If Chewbacca has spent most of his adult life at the side of Han Solo, then he most likely knew of Han and Leia’s son, Ben Solo. Now, there was a time when Chewie stayed on his homeworld of Kashyyyk, but I find it impossible to believe that Han did at least tell his beloved sidekick about his own son. In fact, the thought that Chewie would have made the trip to see the birth of his best friend’s son, and at least stayed around for a while to get to know that son, is not outside the realm of possibility.

Enter artist Tyson Murphy, who put pencil to paper, and connected the dots, for all of us who wondered the same. Warning: the feels will get you, so be prepared.

Tyson starts with Chewie being there for the birth of little Ben Solo:

The crayon “Ben” with characters and icons from the Star Wars universe, makes this feel as if young Ben drew this for his pal, Chewie. Then, the art takes a darker turn, as Ben begins to fight with the Dark Side of the Force:

You can actually feel the pain and loss from not only Chewbacca, but the turmoil that Ben must have gone through, as a Jedi Padawan, fighting with the pull of the Dark Side and the corruption of Snoke. Then, Tyson completes the heartbreak with Chewbacca witnessing Han’s death by Kylo Ren nee-Ben Solo’s hand:

This is the panel that strikes the hardest blow. Chewbacca, known for being an expert marksman with his bowcaster, shot Kylo Ren in the side, and not the head, which was a legitimate question I had, after viewing The Force Awakens. If Chewie knew Kylo Ren as Ben Solo, and shared the bond of being there for the tormented youth from birth to abandonment of the Jedi way, he would be conflicted as to the kind of shot he would take.

This art is beautiful and heartbreaking, and conveys the very real feelings that Chewbacca must have been going through, during that tragic moment on Starkiller base. You can view more of Tyler’s art HERE.

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