Five Episode Titles Revealed for Star Wars: Rebels


Star Wars: Rebels returns on January 20, and thanks to the Bothan spies over at Jedi Bibliothek, we’ve now got the title of five episodes, for the second half of this season…  

We’ve already told you about the appearance of Star Wars icon Princess Leia, and now we’ve got five episode titles to discuss. Website Jedi Bibliothek — who’s Bothan spies are alway digging for new information from the Star Wars cinematic/television and literary universe — posted the episode titles:

  • S2 Ep13: “The Protector of Concord Dawn” — January 27
  • S2 Ep14:  “Legacy of Lasan” — February 3
  • S2 Ep15: “The Call” — February 10
  • S2 Ep16: “Homecoming” — February 17
  • S2 Ep17: “The Honorable Ones” — February 24

There isn’t a whole lot to be gleaned from the titles, but we have done some digging and know that Concord Dawn is the homeworld of the father of the Galactic Republic’s clone army and infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett — Jango Fett. Knowing that Jango died in the Clone Wars, perhaps his son Boba will be a surprise guest on the show.

As far as Lasan goes, it too is a planet, and home to Star Wars: Rebels character, Zeb. Legacy of Lasan must be all about Zeb and his dealing with being one of the last of his species.

“The Call” seems to be an episode that may be Force-centric. Ezra continues his Jedi training throughout Season 2, and perhaps this will be an episode he learns another secret of the Force. There’s also the thought that “The Call” may be Ahsoka Tano finally dealing with her former master Darth Vader nee-Anakin Skywalker.

“Homecoming” may be about the Rebels return to where it all began, Lothal. As far as “The Honorable Ones” goes, that title could mean a variety of things. Do Ezra and Kanan find some old Jedi temples and see Force ghosts? Are there other Jedi alive (besides Yoda and Obi-Wan) that Ezra and Kanan run into? The possibilities are endless.

These titles certainly seem quite exciting, especially if we get to see not only Princess Leia in the mid-season premiere on January 20, but if we see Boba Fett in Episode 13, it will cement Rebels as a major player in the Star Wars television universe, something it has lacked, trying to live up to Clone Wars.

H/T — Jedi Bibliothek