Star Wars Rebels Recap: A Princess On Lothal

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In the tenth episode of season two of Star Wars Rebels, the Ghost crew are brought reinforcements by a new and royal ally.

Season 2B of Star Wars Rebels premiered last night with an episode showcasing the show’s characteristic fun, charm, and character development…and also a cameo from a familiar princess.

Leia Organa is escorting a trio of cruisers Lothal, where the Ghost crew is ready and waiting to pick them up and take them to join the rebel fleet. The problem: The Empire is not yet aware that Leia, only fifteen or sixteen years old at this time, is not a loyal Imperial citizen. When the Empire secures the cruisers, which are supposedly carrying supplies for the stricken people of Lothal, Leia and the rebels have to hatch a plan to get them released and to the fleet, without revealing Leia’s true allegiance.

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The episode begins with Ezra Bridger still in grief over his parents. In the last episode, titled “Legacy,” the former governor of Lothal, Ryder Azadi, who was imprisoned with the Bridgers for supporting them in their treasonous messages denouncing the Empire, explained to Ezra that the Bridgers were killed in a mass escape attempt. Azadi himself was able to escape and hide out on Lothal. Ezra is still brooding over this news, to the worry of Kanan and Hera.

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While Kanan, Ezra, and the ever-grumpy but faithful Chopper are still with Azadi at his hideout, Hera sends a message to Kanan telling him of a new opportunity: Senator Bail Organa is sending them three cruisers to Lothal reinforce the rebel fleet. That means it’s up to the Ghost crew to pick them up.

Kanan hopes the mission will be good for Ezra. He also takes a moment to encourage Azadi to rejoin the fight against the Empire, but the former governor has had enough of prison. Finally, the master and the apprentice Jedi don their stolen stormtrooper and Imperial cadet gear, and head to the Imperial landing field. Chopper stays with Azadi and The Phantom, the dinghy-like ship which attaches to The Ghost.

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