General Hux’s Cat Millicent Is Fan Fiction At Its Finest


A tweet from canon expert and LFL Story Group member Pablo Hidalgo births fan fiction about General Hux’s cat, Millicent.

Among the odder Star Wars things to come out of The Force Awakens lately is the head canon existence of General Hux’s girl cat, Millicent (via Nerdist). Let’s be real, every villain needs a trusty animal friend to help them take over the galaxy, and a ginger cat is just the cute and simultaneously diabolical creature to do it.

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It all started with some tweets from Pablo Hidalgo, which, I assume were made in jest (but we can hope, right?).

Fans pretty quickly started sharing their ideas about a what having Millicent around Starkiller Base would be like.

And, of course, the fan art soon began.

Credit: ballvvasher

Credit: CrimsonBullet

Credit: orlofsky

Credit: d1arum

Credit: Katie Cook

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There is almost nothing I would like to be canon more than Millicent. She’s the perfect mascot for the First Order, and she even humanizes Hux a little. Think about it: A man who’s more than willing to destroy an entire planetary system and millions of lives along with it, has a pet cat he lets sleep in his hat and purr in his lap even as he’s plotting the destruction of the galaxy. The irony couldn’t be more adorable.