Dissecting that First Shot of Star Wars: Episode VIII


StarWars.com has just announced — via an all new and exciting video — that Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: Episode VIII has begun production, with it’s very first filmed shot…

You could call it the shot that was heard round the galaxy, as Starwars.com has gifted all of nerdom with a short video of the very first shot of Star Wars: Episode VIII. Involving Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley, the shot opens the same way The Force Awakens ends: Luke looking down at Rey — Rey extending her hand with the Skywalker lightsaber toward Luke. Check it out:

It’s not much, but it does wonders for a film that had its worldwide theatrical premiere pushed back from May of 2017 to December to 2017, causing some Star Wars fans to worry.

I do like the wide camera approach to the island on the planet of  Ahch-To, where Luke has been living in his self-imposed exile. That island is the home of the very first Jedi temple, supposedly, and could make for an excellent training ground for our newest member to Luke’s Jedi Order — Rey.

What may bother some about this shot, however, is that it picks up exactly where VII left off.  There is no time jump, no new badass robed Jedi Rey, and certainly no rebuilt Jedi Academy. This poses a theoretical problem for most Star Wars fans, as every Star Wars film takes place after a relatively small time hop between each film.

We want to hear from you: What are your thoughts on this first shot of Star Wars: Episode VIII? Are you a fan of the no time jump, or do you think there needs to be one just like every other Star Wars film before it? Lets us know in the comments, and on social media.