Will Boba Fett be in Rogue One?


Thanks to a possible leak from the German Toy Fair, we might have a clue as to a certain bounty hunter’s whereabouts in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story…

The Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany was held in early February, and thanks to a LEGO-toys podcaster StudShooter — who was on hand to cover all the LEGO news from the con — we have a photo of a ship with the Rogue One label. That ship looks exactly like Slave 1, the ship used by bounty hunter Boba Fett.

You can see to the far right, the Rogue One logo and Slave 1 in the photo. Now, this is not unequivocal proof that Boba Fett will be in Rogue One, but the timeline does fit, if one thinks about it. Thanks to Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated show, we know that Boba Fett was around and building his bounty hunting syndicate, and had already worked with the likes of former Sith, Asajj Ventress.

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For years now, toymakers have been producing toys that don’t exactly fit into the films they are representing, but with Disney now in charge of Lucasfilm, I can’t exactly see LEGO making such a huge mistake. However, this is a German Toy Fair, and it has not been confirmed in the U.S. so until then, consider this highly speculative, but not outside the arena of possible.

Sound off! We want to hear from you: Do you think this photo of Slave 1 in a Rogue One toy-line means Boba Fett will appear in Rogue One? Could the bounty hunter be helping the rebel spies steal the first Death Star’s plans? Or, is he an evil henchman in the employ of Darth Vader, by Rogue One‘s timeline? Let us know in the comments and on social media.