Dubrovnik Continues to Prepare for Filming Star Wars: Episode VIII


The city of Dubrovnik in Croatia is preparing to host the cast and crew of Star Wars: Episode VIII, and the construction crew — bolstered by the citizens of the surrounding area — are laboring to construct the facade to the sets which will be the city that Rey will apparently visit in the film…

MosCroatia.com has been faithfully chronicalling the building of sets in Dubrovnik, Croatia, for Star Wars: Episode VIII. The site has to be translated using Google Translate, so pardon what literally gets lost in translation, but according to MosCroatia, they have members sending in photos and videos of the construction, as well as some of their own.

"“Accelerated working on several locations within the old city walls. Stradun is already quite changed. Contractors are our people, we asked them from which the material is made scenes. What I painted, everything is made of foam so hand-painted…Very rapidly. In two days, half bars in Stradun new clothes. Towards the end of them and finally quit. All shops and all apartments facing the Stradun received compensation because they’ll close the eyes. There were marks and the orange ribbons, each has its place you will still ask the scene.”"

As you can see, the work is nearly done, and the tents are up, so the craftsmen and women can’t be seen working at the really secret stuff. I imagine the recognizable costume work and props are behind the tents, as well as creatures and puppets. According to MosCroatia, the set designers will have final preparations March 9th and 10th, with filming to begin on the 11th at 4am. The site did include a small video, uploaded to YouTube, of the crew working on the facade, on the streets in Dubrovnik, for Star Wars: Episode VIII.

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This is pretty exciting stuff, especially since we have Rogue One premiering a full year ahead of Star Wars: Episode VIII. Having covered Game of Thrones when they filmed in Dubrovnik, I can tell you that the people and fans that will flock to that area, in order to get a sneak-peek at filming, will be insane. The security crew for the film will definitely have their hands full. Stay tuned to Dork Side of the Force, as we bring you more news and information on all things Star Wars.