Star Wars Actors Daisy Ridley And John Boyega Win At Empire Awards


Daisy Ridley and John Boyega from Star Wars: The Force Awakens both took home wins from the Empire Awards.

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens actress and actor received awards for Best Female and Best Male Newcomer at the Jameson Empire Awards this weekend.

When Daisy went up to receive her award, she said, “I’m shaking!” But she was able to relax enough from the excitement to have a few photos snapped of her and John Boyega, and later with a BB-8 in his formal attire (a cute bow tie).

Ridley and Boyega have virtually conquered the hearts of Star Wars fans everywhere, mainly because of their refreshing state of being normal human beings. They call each other “peanut”; they have no qualms about telling embarrassing stories about themselves on set; and they’re just so darn cute, together or apart, it’s just too much to handle.

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The best part about having Daisy and John in particular as the new faces of Star Wars is that they’re just as amazed and excited about being a part of Star Wars as any everyday fan would be. They gawk at the incredible sets being built for them to act on, and they’re in awe of their original trilogy costars. I wouldn’t be surprised if they accidentally made lightsaber sound effects to go with their fight scenes in The Force Awakens, like Ewan McGregor and Liam Neeson did during rehearsals for The Phantom Menace. The excitement surrounding Star Wars is naturally infectious, and Daisy and John’s enthusiasm and openness make it all the more so.