The Best Channels On YouTube For Star Wars Content


The internet has an endless amount of content for us to consume regarding Star Wars.  Here are some of the best and most entertaining channels on YouTube to visit to satisfy your cravings while we await the next films…

Collider Videos

Collider is the film and television branch of Complex Media.  They publish a weekly webcast titled “Collider Jedi Council” which was formerly run by AMC.  Anchored by Mark Ellis and Kristian Harloff, comedians and creators of Schmoes Know movie reviews, and John Campea and Tiffany Smith, the Council covers everything from news to canon with comprehensive information and opinions.  The crew has great chemistry together.  Check them out every Thursday.


Short for “How It Should Have Ended”, HISHE creates hilarious animated parody videos exploring alternate endings for movies.  The videos lampoon plot points and characters with a sarcastic wit and comical voice impersonations.  Everything you hate, and perhaps everything you love, about the films are targets of mimicry and satire for the crew at HISHE, and it works on every level.

Screen Junkies – Honest Trailers

From Screen Junkies comes the parody series Honest Trailers, which skewers movies in the form of mock movie trailers.  “Cringe as Anakin Skywalker completes his journey from annoying kid, to obnoxious teenager, to insufferable Jedi Knight,” the narrator says.  If you haven’t seen the series yet, check it out right now.  Be forewarned: You may well waste an entire afternoon laughing at your favorite movies being ridiculed.


Jeremy has provided a much-needed public service.  His “Anti-Cheese Edits” of The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith reduce the run-time for each film, and cut their worst parts Jar-Jar entirely.  The videos are extremely high quality, feature length, and entirely free, so you can watch them on your Smart TV or through a streaming device without compromising the experience.

Marcelo Zuniga

Great for YouTubers with short attention spans, Marcelo has uploaded a expansive library of clips from the first six films.  They typically range between three and four minutes, and many of them are in 1080p HD.  He’s also created comparison videos, meticulously detailing the changes made in the re-releases of the original trilogy.  (The Emperor was once an amalgamation of a woman’s face, a man’s voice, and a monkey’s eyes.  True story.)

New Rockstars

The New Rockstars are an online media outlet covering “What The Internet Cares About Right [Bleeping] Now”.  They don’t make Star Wars videos often, but when they do, it’s epic.  Hosts Filup Molina and Ted Marsden had some of the best coverage and analysis of the trailers and events leading up to The Force Awakens anywhere on the internet.  You can likely look forward to similar content for the upcoming Rogue One.

Stupendous Wave

A Star Wars savant, Stupendous Wave posts speculation and theory videos on a near daily basis.  The channel explores hypothetical questions like “What if the Emperor Was a Jedi?” and “Kylo Ren vs. Rey, What if Kylo Won the Duel?”.  The theories are well-thought out and articulated in a manner true to the Star Wars universe.

Make It Dirty

A channel in which the creator tells the stories of Star Wars characters from a unique perspective in trailer like-videos.  The editing is superbly done, as a single video may utilize scenes from each of the first six movies.  The music often has an industrial feel, which interacts remarkably well with the video’s visual aspects.  It’s some of the best fan work out there.

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Dash Star

Mitchell Dostine, AKA Dash Star, is a Star Wars buff from the land down under.  He has over 100,000 subscribers and nearly 25 million views on his channel devoted strictly to Star Wars.  His exuberant commentary on all things related to the franchise is entertaining fodder.  He talks movies, shows, games, theories, news, spoilers, and on and on.  Anything you might possibly want to engage in regarding the Star Wars universe, Dash has covered it.