Darth Maul Featured in Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Finale Teaser


The Season 2 finale for Star Wars Rebels is just a week away, and the teaser for the final episode features Ezra and the familiar tattooed face of Darth Maul…

After the Star Wars Rebels Season 2B trailer featured a figure that looked and sounded eerily like Darth Maul, fans went wild with speculation about what it meant to have the extremely popular fan-favorite character back into a Star Wars canon series. Maul has been through the ringer, so to speak, having seemingly met his end at the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi, then resurfacing on The Clone Wars only to be captured by his former master Darth Sidious, and then his story was continued by Dark Horse in the now canonical comic run Son of Dathomir.

To say that it was a surprise to see Darth Maul resurface in Star Wars Rebels as Old Master, is an understatement. Here’s the teaser for next week’s hour long Star Wars Rebels Season 2 finale:

Entertainment Weekly caught up with Rebels creator and producer, Dave Filoni, and Maul voice actor Sam Witwer, and asked the pair about what it meant to bring this Star Wars icon back to the small screen. EW asked Filoni if we could expect Darth Vader and Darth Maul to lock lightsabers, at some point in the Rebels finale.

"“I don’t want to necessarily promise something that doesn’t happen – the Vader/Maul thing is interesting at a fandom level. [But] the more compelling personal story becomes about Ahsoka and Vader.”"

As a fan, watching Vader and Maul go at each other would be amazing, but once you think about how old Maul is now, compared to how old Vader is, and how enhanced Vader is, then it really wouldn’t be that much of a fair fight, unless Maul has learned the deep secrets of the Dark Side of the Force, and has learned how to tap into the mystical powers, much like Darth Sidious.

When asked about what Maul has been doing all these years, Filoni answered with this:

"“I think wandering is exactly correct. To tell the story we had to create several backstories for it. One of the big backstories was what has Maul been doing and how did he get to this planet, Malachor? The other story was what the heck happened on Malachor? So I actually wrote a history of it and what goes on there a thousand years ago – which explains the stone figures, and the temple, and all the mechanism you see there.”"

Sam Witwer talked about what still drives Maul, and if it’s that old ambition that saw him take over the planet of Mandalore in The Clone Wars.

"“He has this ambition that still exists inside him and that ambition is eating him up –especially now that he’s past his prime and his glory years. Yeah, he’s a sadder character than we perhaps remember in Clone Wars.”Next: 50 Reasons why Star Wars is Better than Star Trek"

It will be interesting to see what Darth Maul has planned for Ezra, in the finale of Star Wars Rebels, and if Dave Filoni plans on finally finishing off the much-maligned Sith Lord. You can read Entertainment Weekly’s full interview with Dave Filoni and Sam Witwer by clicking the link provided, and don’t forget, the Star Wars Rebels Season 2 finale airs on March 30.