We Break Down the First Rogue One Trailer

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The first Rogue One trailer is finally here, and we finally get our first official look at the cast of characters slated to infiltrate the Empire.

“This is a rebellion, isn’t it? I rebel.” With these words we finally meet Jyn Erso, one of the very few characters whose names we know for this movie. You thought that Star Wars: The Force Awakens kept things under wraps? That movie was a virtual sieve of info compared to how tightly under wraps things have been kept for Rogue One. Other that Felcity Jones’ character Jyn,  Riz Ahmed as Bodhi Rook and Jonathan Aris as Senator Jebel, we don’t even know who these characters are, let alone what they are doing.

Well, we know what they are doing, based on the premise of the movie itself: this is set before Star Wars: A New Hope, and is based on the daring mission that got those plans for the Death Star that a little droid names R2-D2 was entrusted with way back in 1977. Other than the successful outcome of the mission though, we know… just about nothing else.

That leaves us with only what we see and hear in the trailer to go on. Come, my obsessive friends. let us break down the trailer, shot by shot and pore over what clues there are inside.

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