Star Wars: Episode VIII Filming Updates


With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story dropping a huge bomb that was the teaser trailer on Thursday, Star Wars: Episode VIII filming updates have slightly been swept under the rug so to speak…

Now that all has calmed down a bit on the Rogue One front, we can get back to our weekly Star Wars: Episode VIII Filming updates. Some of this news may not come as a surprise, and some of it is extremely cool, so let’s just get right into it, shall we?

Our first update comes via director Rian Johnson’s Twitter page, concerning C3-P0’s red arm…or possible lack thereof. He also confirmed that BB-8 was returning to Episode VIII, but that’s no big surprise.

Next, Mark Hamill is back with promising to reveal a Star Wars: Episode VIII spoiler at 2pm CST as part of Daisy Ridley’ birthday today:

I wonder if he’s up to his old tricks? With Mark Hamill, you just never can tell…and I dig that about him. Happy Birthday to Daisy Ridley, by the way.

Finally, from the folks at Star Wars News Net, we have a closer look at the huts used by the first Jedi, where the first Jedi Temple was established and where Luke Skywalker lived in self-exile before being found by Rey in The Force Awakens.

"“Detailed shots capture the preparations for the latest round of filming of the Star Wars series on the Kerry headland, with work continuing on recreating the beehive- like structures of Skellig Michael, seen in the final scene on the planet Ahch-To at the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Last month contractors began work on the next round of filming including the creation of a roadway to the set. It is understood filming will begin next month and could run for two or more weeks.”"

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It’s neat to see the sets from Skellig brought to a much safer place, as I’m sure Rey will have to “take her first steps” as a Jedi — as intoned by Obi-Wan in her Force vision on The Force Awakens — and those huts will probably serve as a place for both her and luke to train and live, during her training in the ways of the Force.