The Best Edits Of The Photo of Mark Hamill On Daisy Ridley’s Back


The photo of Daisy Ridley carrying Mark Hamill on her back in a parking lot is already a Star Wars behind the scenes classic. The edits some people made make it even more timeless.

Mark Hamill promised us some Episode VIII news last Sunday, also Daisy Ridley’s birthday. He delivered… sort of? At least we know how much of Yoda’s teaching Luke Skywalker is implementing with Rey, right?

Here’s the caption Mark included with his tweet of that piggyback ride.

"A long time ago (last week I think) in a galaxy far, far [away] (@PinewoodStudios ), THIS happened! Happy Birthday Daisy!"

Mark may have got more than he bargained for, though, in the way of fan edits. Below are a selection, in no particular order, of some of the funniest, courtesy of Mark’s good-natured retweeting.

1. Yoda?

via @tepritchard

Luke is going a little too all out in his Yoda-inspired training in this photo edit.

2. Rey the Tauntaun

via @skywalker_eve

Then again, maybe he’s just too attached in general to recreating the past.

3. Mother/son time

via @pvdmeamidala

4. The Family Circus

via @millleniumfalc0n

Everybody gets a piggyback ride in this photo edit!

5. This one is just cruel

via @hamilton

Funny as it is, this photo edit gives me the feels.

The making of Episode VIII is already showing itself to be a lighter affair than the secrecy-laden production of The Force Awakens. There’s secrecy here, but there’s a sense of openness, as well; Daisy Ridley herself said that things would be “freer” surrounding VIII. That’s good news for us, because even though we may not be getting any more information than we did about The Force Awakens before its premiere in theaters, we feel more connected to the cast and the process.

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Do you have any favorite photo edits of Mark Hamil’s piggyback ride? Share them with us on social media. Also, if you know the names of the artists, please let us know so we can credit them as well as the people who shared them.