Floating Death Star Speaker: A Star Wars Swag Must Have


Are you tired of all those pesky wires from those “other” so-called planet-killing speaker companies? Do you find those other speakers’ lack of Bluetooth range, disturbing? Well, fret no more, because the Imperial technicians at Hellosy have secured all the extra ports and trenches, and locked-up all suspected Bothan Spies to bring you this amazing Star Wars inspired floating Death Star speaker…

All music sounds instantly better played through a levitating Death Star.  That’s a scientific fact, handed down through generations, and thankfully Hellosy have delivered such a luxury item with this wonderfully dramatic Bluetooth speaker.

Seemingly held up by the crushing omnipotence of the Empire’s wrath, it’s actually magnetic technology that keeps this Space Station afloat 10mm above its base, spinning around and boasting a special sound guide cone design that delivers a 3D surround effect as it rotates.  It charges via the included USB cable and contains a 1000 mAh battery that can keep it playing for up to eight hours, with Bluetooth technology linking up to smart devices for playback and touch-sensitive controls for ease of use.  Oh, and if the sheer spectacle and kitschy value isn’t enough, it also glows in the dark!

So how much for the Ultimate power in the universe?  Currently $400 (about £282) so put your credits into savings for the time being.  It’s up for grabs on the Fancy site at this time as Amazon has it listed as Currently Unavailable, but it’s worth checking out the Amazon product description anyway for the superior photoshopping skills on the product images and the hilarious product reviews:

~”Stop your complaining about the sound quality – we shall deal with your complaints with the destruction of your home world!”

~”I find your lack of faith disturbing…”

~”Built with slave labor on a desert planet.”


~”One flaw in this technological terror is the small exhaust port right below the main port.”

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Full Package Contents include:

  • 1x Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Usb cable
  • 1x Charging cradle
  • 1x High quality packing box

(Note: The user manual may or may not be found in the databanks of a certain Astro droid..;)